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I'M SO OVER TINDER. The disgusting comments, the neverending train of get-to-know-you conversations, the fact that there are virtually ZERO interesting, attractive prospects... swiping left gets pretty exhausting after a while. (I know @alywoah, @ButterflyBlu, @jordanhamilton, and @Teey are feeling me on this one.) But did you know there are other, better dating apps out there? Let me introduce you to a few!

Coffee Meets Bagel

How it works: Good things come to those who wait! Users get only one match per day – usually someone you share mutual friends with on Facebook – and are given just 24 hours to select or pass. When two people choose each other, they're given an ice breaker question to kick off the conversation. From there, it's up to you to plan the date – but you only have one week to do so before the match disappears.
Great for:
+ Getting to know fewer people more deeply – no endless swiping
+ Young professionals in cities (lots of users are NYU, Columbia, and UPenn grads)
+ Meeting people already vetted by your friends – aka, no creeps


How it works: You and two of your friends are paired up with another trio of single people who share some of your interests, and all 6 of you meet up for drinks. It takes some of the awkwardness out of that first date by making it a fun group hang! Grouper even picks the bar for you. Throughout the date, the app will send silly dares and icebreakers to enhance the fun. Going on a date costs $20, but comes with a free drink – so that's a plus? I've never tried this one myself, but I've heard good things!
Great for:
+ Having a fun night with both old friends and new
+ Eliminating the awkwardness that usually accompanies meeting people online
+ Taking the stress out of things, since Grouper plans the whole thing, and you don't have to talk to the other people beforehand


How it works: Basically, Hinge tries to mimic how people meet in the "real world": through friends of friends. Like Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge pairs you with second or third degree connections using your Facebook friend list. They present you with options based on what they know about you, as well as past swipes. A big plus is that profiles are much more detailed than on Tinder, so you can investigate potential matches much more deeply before you decide to give them a yes or a no. You receive a batch of new potential matches every day at noon – sometimes 5 or 6, sometimes 15 or more. When two users like each other, you can chat through the app, like on Tinder. This one I've tried, and I like it! Wayyyy better prospects than on Tinder.
Great for:
+ Vetting people before you swipe right – you can be choosy, and see things like hobbies, education, and profession
+ Meeting friends of friends – no creeps or crazies
+ Increasing your odds – I mean, your friends probably have some pretty cool, attractive friends, right?


How it works: HowAboutWe believes that what you like to do says more about who you are then a bunch of weird compatibility questions. Users simply suggest a date, and then are matched with people who share their real world interests. You're emailed a daily list of potential matches – again, limited in number, but heightened in quality, since you already know what kind of date you'd be getting into.
Great for:
+ Getting out and having a great time with someone similar to you
+ Knowing what to expect, and taking all the guesswork out of choosing a first date activity
+ Those who'd rather spend time with someone in the real world, rather than chatting online


How it works: This invite-only app keeps the creeps out and the love in. Their tagline is "Friends know better" – yep, it's a matchmaking app. Friends can set you up with people they think you'd like, based on countless hours they've spent by your side getting to know you. You, in turn, can suggest people for them.
Great for:
+ Matches who are truly right for you, chosen by the people who know you best
+ Having fun setting up your friends as well as being set up
+ No creeps, no harassment, no disgusting pickup lines


How it works: This dating app is all about putting the power into the hands of women. Like Tinder, you swipe through options near you. But unlike Tinder, once you match with someone, the woman has 24 hours to make the first move. Otherwise, the match disappears forever. If you're a lady, this is great news – you don't have to talk to anyone you don't want to! If you're a dude, it might mean a bit of waiting – but also, you know if a girl hits you up, it's because she really wants to. Also unlike Tinder, which recently switched to a paid service, Bumble is free.
Great for:
+ Girls sick of getting harassed by aggressive, overly sexual creeps
+ People who love the idea of Tinder, but in reality, find themselves disappointed

So, my lovely Vinglers, your homework is to try one of these new dating apps, and then tell me what you thought of it.

Let's figure out which is the best – together! Which one are you trying? :)
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@allischaaff none exactly
2 years ago·Reply
wow there are a lot of apps... I have only heard of Coffee Meets Bagel. Though I like the idea of doing Grouper. There is strength in numbers!
2 years ago·Reply
I haven't heard of any of these! I'm wary of the ones that use fb to find matches.... if only because my circle of friends is both very small and very gay. But the others might be worth checking out!
2 years ago·Reply
I am sooooooooo over Tinder. Most times, I just want to meet someone the old-fashioned through friends. But I can give these apps a try. Coffee Meets Bagel sounds like something I'd be most interested in.
2 years ago·Reply
these all sound awesome but scary at the same time since they have access to your fb account...
2 years ago·Reply