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It's OVER noo.. Lol now that you had pick your door for the final lets see what happens after the dates lol
door #1 you had became friends
door #2 its look like you and him hit it off lol bf &gf
door #3 sorry things didn't work out like you hoped but it's okay them more fished in the sea lol
door #4 it's looks like your going to become parents lol congrats
door #5 its was love at first sight now that you are here congrats on the marry life hopefully you have a happy life together lol
I hope everybody enjoyed my game. I'm sad that's its over. hope that you got what you wanted and im sorry that it's didn't work out the way you hope but it's time to say goodbye to the Shinee BYE bye
friends sweet
@Emealia did you know what door taemin was behind lol
Damn it! I don't remember what door I picked lol
Went back to start at the beginning since I jumped in at the end. And, well XD Taemin Romantic fort night Pregnant Oh my
Awe Jonghyun finally came to his senses! XD
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