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Imagine you're Big Boss, okay? You're out on a mission or something, doing Big Boss stuff (see: sneaking, smoking, snapping necks) and all of sudden you get a radio message from your base saying there's an emergency.
You hear something like gunshots going off in the distance and you're nervous. This is where you and your friends live, this is where you go to sleep, and this is where you plan for the next "mission" or whatever it is the Diamond Dogs do.
And then all of a sudden, you see this:
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain requires you to put in your birthday as soon as you start the game and at first this seems like a pretty innocuous thing to do.
We are constantly prompted to enter our birthday before we proceed with anything related to technology. Whether it's a website or a new online account, this is something we -- as a generation -- have gotten used to.
So, when you put in your birthday in MGSV, it comes as a welcome surprise to see that it actually means something, even if it's a surprisingly cute birthday party for the main character of the game.
You can check out the full birthday celebration below.