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From Deadman Wonderland. Cosplayer unknown.
Kiyomasa Senji (千地 清正, Senji Kiyomasa) a.k.a Crow is a former Police Officer and one of the major supporting characters in the series. He is also a Deadman previously imprisoned in Deadman Wonderland. He is the first Deadman Ganta encountered. He has trained Ganta and helped him on multiple occasions. He seems to thoroughly enjoy violence, and his favorite phrase is "Dead Center" ("On target" in the Tokyopop translation; "Bang" in the manga scanlations or "Ssslice" in the anime fansubs; ズッパシ, zuppashi in the Japanese original). Despite his wild and battle-hungry attitude, he does have a sense of honor and respects strength and determination (like in the Carnival Copse when Ganta was got back up on his feet to fight, despite the seemingly one-sided match, and by teaching Ganta multiple ways to use his branch of sin in.) He also appears to be against the idea of needless killing, having opted to leave Ganta alone on their first encounter when he made no effort to defend himself against Senji, he also told Ganta to try and understand Shiro's predicament before coming to a decision. In an ironic twist, Senji becomes flustered and embarrassed when a woman acts immodest. When he first notices Shiro's form fitting body tights, his face becomes red and he gives her his coat telling her to quickly cover up, another time was when Minatsuki flashed her underwear to him. All in all the effect of those instances can sometimes make him fall to the floor. (deadmanwonderland.wikia.com)
Ohhh I Like it!! A lot.
I've heard really good things about Deadman Wonderland! the weapon this cosplayer is using looks super intriguing.
Such an interesting character...and also somewhat protective of others?
I just started re reading the manga and rip bc I really wanna still cosplay shiro.