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I am so in love with this super cute floral wedding tosser that I can make myself. And they're so easy to make, as you can see. My wedding might not be for a few months, but I am on the fast track to get everything ready because I don't want to leave things for the last minute! That is scary!

Supplied Needed:

Craft decorative paper
Double-sided tape (or hot glue/gun)
Hole punch
Decorative embellishment(s)
Tags (store-bought or make yourself)
12"x12" scrapbooking paper is probably best for this because it creates a large enough cone shape when twisted. Also, they have the BEST selection when it comes to decorative papers. There's also a great place I discovered earlier this year called Paper Source. If you have one in your area, definitely check it out because they have beautiful papers that you just can't find anywhere else!
Once your paper is twisted into a cone, use your tape to keep its shape. Hot glue works too.
Next, use a hole punch so you can attach a printed tag. What goes on the tag is completely up to you! It could be a religious verse, a poem or quote. Even a simple Thank You works too!
Attach a cute embellishment of whatever you like to make it pop. The photo has a cute butterfly, but use whatever works for your theme. I like the idea of a crystal button to add glamour to it since mine is a Tiffany Blue theme.
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