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Recently my mom and I went over my wedding budget and you can imagine what happened next: tears. Gobs and gobs. Because I realized that my parents had to cut back a bit on what they could afford. I love them dearly, so don't think of me as bratty. I am grateful that they are helping with the wedding. I just simply thought there would be more money in the budget.
I don't know if anyone else out there has gone through this, or is going through it like me, but it's scary and sad just how much a wedding costs. That's why I am on a mission to take my Tiffany Blue themed wedding and DIY as much of it as I can to save money. I just don't want it to look haphazard. Know what I mean?
I've done super cute chalkboard diy projects in the past, which you can see here. And that got me thinking, what about using them for the ceremony? Is it really necessary to have printed programs? (I don't think so.)
So, the idea here is to find a used frame that you can spray paint. And if you have a smooth flat surface (like what you find for pennies in the Ikea used pile), then you can make your own for almost nothing! Great idea!!!! <3 <3 My mom and I think this will cut out the printing costs and make for a cute, memorable wedding idea.
I hope you like it! If you have ideas on how I can reduce my wedding bills, please help me!!! <3 Thank you!

Making your own bouquets, centerpieces, and party favors helps.
Thanks @verusumNox I think doing it yourself for a lot of it helps keep the costs down.
so true @VerusumNox just wanted to send you some moral support as you continue planning your wedding. let me know if you have any specific issues that you need help with @daniachicago always eager and glad to help