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These days, there's an app for everything – even happiness. Happify is a new app that claims to help users overcome negativity, anxiety, and everyday stress through scientifically-designed activities and games that "train your brain and build skills for lasting happiness."
On the go or throughout the day, users complete small tasks that supposedly have a big impact on mental health.
Apparently, it really works, with 86% of users experiencing more positive feelings within just 2 months. That's a pretty impressive figure!
Can an app really make you happier? I'm curious to hear if anyone out there has used the app, and felt like it worked for them. I downloaded it and am planning on giving it a try!
What do you guys think – would you try Happify? Can an app really make that big a difference in your state of mind?
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Oh sorry hahaha @TerrecaRiley I meant my list in the comment right above, where I listed a few things you need to be happy: appreciating the small things, surrounding yourself with loved ones, chasing your passions... just wondering if you guys had any other things important to being happy to add :)
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@allischaaff lol...oh. You actually named it all! The only thing I wanna add is that happiness is a choice and no one can choose for you what makes you happy
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@allischaaff thanks! Definitely everything you listed. :) <3
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So you really can buy happiness! 😋
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@AlenxanderBeta It would seem so! :D Although I'm a little skeptical, tbh...
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