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These days, there's an app for everything – even happiness. Happify is a new app that claims to help users overcome negativity, anxiety, and everyday stress through scientifically-designed activities and games that "train your brain and build skills for lasting happiness."
On the go or throughout the day, users complete small tasks that supposedly have a big impact on mental health.
Apparently, it really works, with 86% of users experiencing more positive feelings within just 2 months. That's a pretty impressive figure!
Can an app really make you happier? I'm curious to hear if anyone out there has used the app, and felt like it worked for them. I downloaded it and am planning on giving it a try!
What do you guys think – would you try Happify? Can an app really make that big a difference in your state of mind?
Ok, so I'm already going to do my view on this: I have to pay to be happy??? Errrrr...I don't think so. Meditation is good, but I don't want to meditate. I don't want to listen to someone talk talk talk talk talk. That's not calming to me. The game in which you pick negative emotions and fling your positive little dude at them is cute and fun...until I have to PAY to keep playing. Nope. I get the same satisfaction playing angry birds for free. The saying " It pays to be happy" is true, emotionally. Not through my debit card.
@jlee37 hey girl!! happy to see you!!
@allischaaff lol...oh. You actually named it all! The only thing I wanna add is that happiness is a choice and no one can choose for you what makes you happy
@jlee37 I missed you toooo <3 :D I totally agree with you regarding the app. I HATED how it kept prompting me to pay for the service! And without paying, I don't feel like I can really get the full experience... but heck, I'm pretty happy without it :) it's all about appreciating the small things in life, surrounding yourself with the ones you love, and chasing your passions. @jlee37 @TerrecaRiley got anything to add to the list? :D
@TerrecaRiley hey! Been busy. Too much crap going on at once.
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