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Ugh I am hella late to do this challenge so I will put the first three questions into this card, ~T_T~ hopefully you enjoy
1. I found Vixx through friends, I actually had already been listening to some songs but I didn't really know vixx all that well until recently, My first song was error and I have been addicted ever since
2. Ravi is my bias from vixx, OMG he's like too perfect ::>_<::
3. My secret, not so secret bias is Leo bc it's Leo, OMG just look at this bias destroyer
So now that I'm all caught, hopefully I'll try to stay on top of this challenge, hope you guys enjoyed the card, *^▁^*
You must be living the life right now because of all these LR prmotions then, lol, you get to see both of your biases hahaha
Yesss I died twice when I heard about LR, Their album is the first album I have ever bought bc I just had to Lol