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I can actually rap them once I learn the words. Can any of you?
@SHINeeIngGirl lol your welcome♡♥ anything to help get you one step closer to not needing subtitles , because like I said it opens a whole new world
@Emealia about a week I still have a couple lessons of writing left but what I did to help too is on the yt channel go to words with jae and just right down all the words and sentences that's what I did and it helped a lot you just have to practice every day even if its for a few minutes
@Marilovexoxo I was actually using that! The pronunciations are really hard for me though. I have trouble sounding them out for some reason. I think I have the same app too.
@Emealia its honestly super easy but what helps if you learn how to write and read the alphabet first , if you go on YouTube and go to koreaclass101 they have videos on how to read and write it and seriously once you learn the rules on how to pronounce and write it makes it so much easier before Korean I tried Japanese and its way too hard .and to practice just read song titles and look up Korean lyrics and read them it helps so much . there is even an app that helps you write it and I have it set so to unlock my phone I have to read the sentence and fill in the blank with the right word
@SHINeeIngGirl lol took me awhile but with the help of learning how to read Korean I was able to get it faster
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