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Meet my journal, Mo. Beautiful, isn't she? A bit rough around the edges, but I'll like 'em bad. Keep reading for an intimate tour of my bullet journal and its particulars.

1:: Table Of Contents.

Seems arbitrary until you're writing your badass autobiography in sixty years wondering, "When did I discover that delicious whiskey that led to my moral undoing?" (I can't be the only one, right?)

2:: Landing Page.

First impressions are everything. Mine are underwhelming at best, but at least I start the month right. Mo's landing page highlights goals for the month, daily grindpoints, and future plans.
I draw the landing page meticulously. Equal spacing, consistent formatting. Carefully mapping my month ensures a productive workflow and an "I got this" mindset.

3: Day-By-Day.

I separate recurring duties based on the roles I play. For instance, I practice 3x/week as a breakdancer and 4x/week as a writer. I added this structure to my week to ensure conscious holistic growth. I put a tally mark whenever I perform the task for personal accountability.

4:: Six-Month Preview

I added this section after graduating college. I was wired myself to think short-term (you know, papers, presentations, projects). When those white waters met the vast sea of the real world, I found myself adrift. Writing a sneak peek for the coming months gave me a direction to paddle in.
Do as I say, not as I do... promise I'll finish my preview ASAP.

5:: Grow & Produce.

This section is for broad, sometimes long-term goals. Things to read, watch, study, cultivate. I divided it into two distinct lists:


Books to read, movies to watch, research to be done. Example: "Design free breaking workshop for local dance studios."


Quantifiable goals that often correspond with growth goals. This list ensures that my growth is deliberate and impactful. Example: "Create spreadsheet of 10+ dance studios with email and address."

6:: Week-By-Week Overview.

This is a way for me to zoom-out from my daily tracker to see the general movement of my month.

7:: Daily Tracker.

I split my daily tracker with a dashed line. It allows me to extrapolate with notes or sub-tasks when necessary. I'll draw an arrow from a left-side task to the right side and create a sub-list.

8:: Notes Page.

I leave the left page open for miscellaneous notes, directions, phone numbers, and sometimes, doodles of cacti and fruits. The usual.
I'M OBSESSED WITH THIS. it's official. So true that after college, you feel a little adrift in the sea of life... Keeping a list of things to focus on and look forward to seems like a great way to combat that. My new goal: pick up a moleskine asap.
Wow! This is so awesome and thorough. "When did I discover that delicious whiskey that led to my moral undoing?” I’m glad you keep track of life’s most important milestones... lol
This is awesome. I am a steadfast believer in the book of revelations that is your planner. I use a planner religiously. This is awesome. Especially all of the little parts that make it yours. The notes and all. This is perfect. Thank you for sharing :)