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Woooo I Made a kpop friend
so it happen like this the teacher put us in groups and i got group number 3 and i was so lost until the teacher told me this is your group and guided me to where 2 guys and 2 girls where but one of the girls was the girl that fangirled
through out everything i was like that until she notice my phone and shirt and was like ahhhh you like bts and i was like yes and then she said my favorite is v and jungkook and i was like i love all of them and she like who doesnt
while everyone in my group was on their phones me and her where fangirling over my home screen (which is a bunch of random kpop gif) and she like i love this one which was jin and she like i wish i had it
we kept talking and she told me her main band was exo (she brought a shirt the next day) and she like got7 bts shinee teen top block b vixx bap big bang ect. theb she told me she was soon gonna introduce me to other kpopers
i was so happy i finally made a kpoper friend in my new school.....finally someone who understands hahaha......oh and i told her to make a vingle hopefully she remembered :[] (i was gonna post this earlier but my vingle had messed up but i fixed so YAY!!)
CONGRATS! While i lurk the suckish hallways to find a kpopper but has failed. The closest was one of my friends that made me went into kpop but SHE'S IN A DIFFERENT CLASS!! :(
Yay...at the time of high school I had an anime club and kpopper...it was the life...now its just me until my other friends come into town..and we go to conventions....
YAAAAASSSS now bring her to us so we can be friends with her too hahahahhahaha
Congratulations! I hope your friend makes a Vingle!
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