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So, Ice Cream Cake was one of my favorite comebacks of 2015 so I am STOKED that Red Velvet will be releasing their first album.
Their new comeback track will be called DUMB DUMB and from the teaser (below) it sounds like its going to have the same strong sass of Ice Cream Cake with a lot more attitude.

I can't waaaaait!!!

Where are Vingle's Red Velvet fans?!!?

I'm excited! Ice Cream Cake was definitely great, I'm excited to see what they bring.
@kpopandkimchi Precisely why I'm not reading into it too much, with SM you learn to 'roll with the punches'. lol One thing is for sure though, I'm getting (good) funky vibes from the teaser pictures & video. ^.^
@SHINeeIngGirl bahaha knowing SM the teaser is going to be SO different from the real MV but either way I'm so excited!!
This looks awesome! Looks like they might incorporate some 70's, maybe 80's in their music this time... or I might be wrong and they might just blow my expectations through the roof by coming out with full out EDM track(s). lol I can't wait! ♡♡♡ ^.^ This looks like a fun concept !
@baileykayleen I just reaaaally like Yeri and Wendy so I'm super excited to finally see Yeri in another music video^^