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If you've got 20/20 vision, you should vote for Yeezy.

1. He's a true patriot.

Kanye tells it like it is and you will never catch him lying about the State of the Union. I can see it now "Europe...I'ma let you finish, but the United States of America is the GREATEST COUNTRY OF ALL TIME. Of all time!"

2. He'll have the best campaign slogans of all time.

"Yeezy For Preezy" is just one of the fantastic campaign slogans Kanye could use. How about "West is the Best"? I'm totally open to be his campaign manager...just sayin.

3. He always speaks his mind.

. Kanye isn't afraid to say what he wants and that's the mark of a fearless leader right?

4. Kim Kardashian will be first lady.

Can you imagine the outifts!? OMG. If the rest of the world didn't take us seriously, having Kim K as our first lady will definitely flip that script. She's so cool, how could people not love America?

5. His campaign trail will be covered in the blood of his opponents.

Kanye will be a fierce political pundit. He will not take any shit from the people around him. I'd love to see people try to give him the what-for. He'll just cut people off, claim he's the best and leave. That's true politics right there.

6. He's got a keen moral compass.

Kanye knows when shit isn't fair. I mean...look at what happened to him with Fendi. He designed leather jogging pants and then SOMEONE stole his design! Can you believe that? Yeezy don't stand for that.
He's got morals.

7. Even Trump is scared.

Yeezy stole Miley Cyrus' vote from Trump so like...anything's possible. Keep running Trump.

9. His inauguration will be BOMB.

We thought Beyonce singing at Obama's inauguration was wild. Wait until Yeezy throws his presidential bash. I'm talking pyrotechnics, several different kinds of champagne. Free I heart Kanye T's and much more. I can't imagine a more exclusive party.

10. He won't play political games.

This is perhaps the most truthful and least satyrical point on this list...Kanye only plays for Kanye. Nobody will be able to sway him. He's got iron will and never listens to anyone who tries to keep him from his own agenda. That's kind of cool. He may be extremely pragmatic as well, which is something necessary to succeed in politics.
And that's why I'm voting for Kanye West in 20/20
K.W is the biggest idiot and retard ever walk in this earth...
I refuse to vote in his favor.
@StephersTaylor thanks! Hahha I am very serious about Yeezy for Preezy hahhaha
This is the best post I have seen today 馃槀馃槀馃槀 *Dead*
duuudee. i love this so much
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