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Truvada, a new drug that was approved 2012 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for daily use has shown some surprising results. Those that use the drugs are those at high risk for obtaining HIV, mostly gay men with multiple sexual partners.
The drug has gone though two large-scale clinical trials, though it remained very hard to obtain for the larger population. Kaiser Permanente was the first drug company to release the fact that this drug makes HIV...

100% Preventable.

Those that are scrutinizing the drug have their reasons, and they make a lot of sense:

What is the real effectiveness of the drug? Does it work for everyone...are you sure? Because this is an awful and deadly disease...

Will the treatment encourage risky behavior and a rise in other sexually transmitted infections?

I think it’s ok to be critical when it comes to awful diseases like HIV.

But it turns out it’s nice to have something helps us worry less about the spread of HIV!

A really interesting scientific discovery in this disease that effects so many people around the world. I’ll be interested to see more use of the drug.
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That's a really positive development.