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WOLF BOY Hits You Right in the Feels
This had been on my watch-list for a while, and when I watched this a year ago I had no idea what I was getting myself into.
And let me tell you, there were a LOT of tears.
First off, Joongki is in it, so I knew the leading role would be ADORABLE.
What I didn't know was that other than a few funny moments of Joongki burning his mouth on food and being an awkward wolf in a human world, there would be EXTREME HEART BREAK in the beginning, middle, and end.
It's not like Teen Wolf or Twilight where the guys suddenly get ripped and they're weirdly warm and strong and angry. Joongki is just sort of fast and hairy and he can't read...


If you haven't seen it, watch the trailer now!!

So basically, I watched this movie in my dorm room with my head phone in and didn't really give my roommate any warning about what I was going to watch. An hour or so later when the movie ends I am SOBBING in bed and my roommate doesn't know what to do.
I tried to explain to her why I was loudly sobbing and I couldn't even get the words out to explain to her cause it would just set me off again.
Now when people ask me about the movie I just scream YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND and get super emotional.

Am I the only one that was WRECKED by this film!?!?!?

Or, better question, what dramas or movies made you ugly sob?!?!

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I WAS I SAW THIS A LONG TIME AGO, EXCEPT STUPID WANTS TO DESTROY MYSELF AND DISCOVERED IT AND WAS LIKE " This looks interesting. and that boy be looking good" GOT MY EFFING HEART RIPPED OUT OF MY BODY. I WAS SO MADDDDDDDDD. WHY DO I ALWAYS HURT MYSELF LIKE THIS. But was actually a good ass movie, I was so damn close to tearing up.
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Hope made me cry a lot.
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this movie made me cut onions too! Dramas that had me in tears were Queen Inhyun's Man, Goblin, Rebel: Thief of the People, Kill Me Heal Me, and My Love from the Stars. Movies that made me cry were A Moment to Remember, Always, Sunflower, Tae Guk Ki, Silence, and Train to Busan.
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When I saw this movie I was like "I have to watch this, it's probably going to be really sweet." and oh boy it was but I was not prepared for the ending. This move will always have a special place in my heart. It's so adorable but so heart breaking and sad. I cried a river for it.
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This is totally one of my favorite Movies of all time! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
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