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An image of Aylan al-Kurdi, a three-year-old boy who drowned and washed up on a beach in Turkey, has spread around the world. He has become the image for the refugee crisis, a young child attempting to escape from Syrian war and destruction. Aylan was one of more than 2,500 who were killed by the Mediterranean this year in search of a safe home in Europe.
Do you think advanced nations are helping the refugee crisis? How does this image bring home the true issue?
Cartoon by: Rafat al-Khateeb
this is breaking my heart. It is frustrating because all these people need help but all anyone else can think about are "illegal immigrants" or "terrorist" which is such bullshit! they are men, women, and children who need help. Did you see the video that went all over Facebook about the man begging to be let across the boarder because he isn't a terrorist he just wanted safely? i cried.
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It's so hard....These people are suffering and it's our civil responsibility as world citizens to help
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Seeing the photos of the drowned kids just makes me sadden while the next post I see in Facebook is people showing what they have just bake. We all need to come together.
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Voicing out our opinions to the government could be a start, wouldn't you think @nicolejb?
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Exactly @virginvingler. I think some citizen see it as not their problem, but when people are suffering that much...I think it’s our responsibility to reach out.
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