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Edmund McMillen's (Super Meat Boy, Binding of Isaac) latest game "Fingered" is just as intense, grossly hilarious, and surprisingly poignant as his previous entries. Fingered tasks you with choosing someone out of a line-up that committed a crime. The actual crime isn't specified -- that's not what's important here -- and you use some tips and hints from a witness.
In that description, it seems like a somewhat simple game. But in reality, it's a lot more than that. After you choose who you believe to be the culprit, well...
The only punishment in the world of Fingered is death. And okay, it's a video game, so of course death has to be involved in it, right? And you're unsure of the crime these guys committed so you can rationalize that they might actually deserve the death penalty. You say to yourself, "Well, they were probably, maybe a murderer, so I guess this is okay right?"
But what happens if you accidentally point the finger and someone who's innocent?
Well, they're executed too. Whoops right? To my knowledge, if this happens, the game just goes on. It continues with its gross-out humor and it's finger pointing gameplay. And you know what? That's okay.
By not giving the player a negative consequence, the player is forced to move on and deal with that themselves. Now, what if the player is constantly making mistakes? They'll be seeing a screen (like the one above) numerous times. This also adds a bit of subtlety to what McMillen is trying to say with this game. He puts a magnifying glass on the justice system and highlights the way we (sometimes) need to point our collective fingers at someone (or something) when a crime is committed.
I should probably say that the meaning behind Fingered is most likely captial-I Intentional. McMillen's last game, The Binding of Isaac, was filled with toilet-humor and cartoon violence but it was truly a metaphor for growing up in a Christian household.
Fingered is available on Steam for $1.87 (clever).
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I think I'm too dumb here, but why is it clever for the game to be priced at $1.87?