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If you're reading this, chances are plastic bags have ruled everything around you in your lifetime. They're how you bring your groceries into your kitchen. They're what your mother put the PB&J in when packing your school lunch. And, if you're anything like me, a plastic bag is all that's handed back to you when you let your sister eat some of your gummy worms.
I'm not bitter. I'm just saying.
In Taiwan, however, plastic bags have undergone a recent repurpose. Long ago are the days of simply toting things around. The plastic bag is now the hottest fashion statement. That's right. The kids these days are wearing bags.
Taiwanese teens have been taking to social media to show off their bold and unusual new looks, wearing nothing but a convenience store plastic bag. According to sources, 7-11 is among the most popularly worn, allegedly the most 'couture' of the country's bag options.
The trend has been enjoyed by both men and women and is overall pretty simple. Just create holes for your legs, and stick your arm through the handles.
I'd imagine you have to have a very specific torso length to make this one possible. Or else, you know....


Anyway, what do you guys think about this? Would you guys sport a plastic bag? Also, I am assuming no liability for whatever accidental wedgies you give yourselves when trying this one on in the privacy of your own homes.
Or be like this girl, grab a supersized Target bag, and fashion yourself a nifty pair of shorts!
I guess this is great for when it's raining outside...
Um no thanks....and I'm way too tall for it anyway.
I want to wear this to school one day. I go to art school- I won't be questioned. It's stereotypical but true.
@danidee, why is everything the 'new black' I have heard at least 1000000000000 things be the new black in my lifetime, so why isn't this the 'new whatever the last thing that replaced black' was? What was the old black? Was black the original, if so, since none of the 'new black's' have held, then its not black at all. How come all the girls look so happy to be dressed in plastic and the guy is so depressed about it?
im taiwanese and i think this has taken too far for my liking.
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