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There have been many men that has been the caped crusader. From the good old television shows ( Adam West) to the silver screen. This article is focusing on the silver screen Batman actors. Note the jury cannot say anything about Ben Affleck but I would like to address him in another post.
Micheal Keaton Batman 1989 & Batman Returns This movie made about 411 million dollars in the box office and fans of Batman protested that Micheal was chose to wear the cape! They wrote letters to the producer and even to the creator of Batman (comic)! Random fact Mel Gibson was almost cast as Batman but he was too busy with Lethal Weapon 2. Imagine him with the cape protecting Gotham!
Val Kilmer, he wore the iconic cape in Batman Forever and protected Gotham in this flick. Val went up against Riddler (Jim Carey) and Two Face (Tommy Lee Jones). In my opinion, Val had the look of a Bruce Wayne. Not too old, not too young, the purrrrfect billionaire playboy. Also for this film Keanu Reeves was also considered to don the cape also for this particular film. Anyways the movie ended up making 336 million dollars. A lot of fans did not like the fact they put nipples on the bat suit! (that is strange to me too lol) and they did not feel Val did not fit the bill as being Bruce Wayne. Val was excited to to play the role and did not mind wearing the extra heavy bat suit that caused him to lose 5lbs just into the opening seen of the movie!
To be continued
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@VinMcCarthy now I gotta watch it again...although now I keep expecting LL Cool J to help Robin kick butt lol
This is really great! Are you going to talk about Adam West at all? He's secretly grown on me lol
@shannonl5 I think it was only the movie versions
Lol @shannonl5, this was a movie one but your boy Adam West did get an honorable mention.
@buddyesd @LAVONYORK lol thanks clearly I'm not being super observant XD