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I already wrote a card on Wolf Boy being the most emotional two hours of my life, and everyone's comments made me think about all the other Korean dramas and movies that have broken my heart and made me cry like a baby.

Below are three Korean films that ripped my heart out.

Make a card with a list of your favorite dramas or movies that made you cry too and remember to tag me in the card!!!

1. Miracle in Cell No. 7

A mentally disabled man is wrongly accused of a crime, sent to prison, and somehow manages to sneak his adorable daughter in with him. The other cell mates are actually great guys and you can't help but hope for their happiness.
This movie was written just to make you cry. Think of it like 'A Walk to Remember.' The story is meant to make you so sad that you just sit around your room afterwards for an hour trying to dry your eyes before returning to reality. Just ask @sugajin94!

2. Secretly, Greatly

You know it isn't going to be a happy story when it's involving a North Korean spy living in South Korea, but I wasn't expecting to be hit this hard in the feels. @netchtiBates reminded me just how sad this film is!!! Kim Soo Hyun is amazing as usual and one of my other favs, Lee Hyun Woo, does a fantastic job too!

3. Sunny

This is honestly one of my favorite Korean movies EVER. It is laugh-out-loud funny but I guarantee there will be tears in your eyes by the end of it. It follows a group of girls in high school living their lives, growing apart, and then reconnecting as old women. Seriously, I cannot express how hard this movie makes me laugh - please check it out, I even think its on Netflix!

Leave your suggestions in the comments, or make your own awesome card^^~

I haven't seen any of those but It's okay, That's love hit my feels so hard T-T
yeah @shannawi Secret Garden was a real tearjerker!!!
none of the above for me it was the secret garden that made me cry.
@kpopandkimchi Secretly Greatly....hit me in the feels so hard....I fell in love with each character!
I saw the title of the card and I was like "They better have Miracle in cell no.7 on here" AND BOOMSHACKALACKA THERE IT IS.
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