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Let's see Mechanisms of Sales Meeting Lee Min Ho Fan!

Pre-sale tickets will be opened simultaneously at 10:00 am on January 26, 2013 1000 purchase of the first ticket will get a discount of 10% applies only to the purchase of Gold, Silver and Bronze (not including the Platinum category). Purchases can be made in www.kiostix.com, Kiostix Outlet, Call-center Kiostix and Indomaret. For seat selection based layout, can only be done if the purchase in outlets Kiostix, and for online purchases will be determined by the system, whereas for purchase through Indomaret can not do seat selection. Exchange tickets on H-1 before the event, can be done in Kiostix outlets and on the day of the event will be conducted at the venue. One person the buyer can only purchase a maximum of 6 Kiostix tiket.Pembeli through the website, call-center and Indomaret will get a "Booking Confirmation" via email. Purchases made at the outlet Kiostix will immediately receive the print "Booking Confirmation". Note: If the buyer does not have an email can directly come to the outlet Kiostix. Buyers who use BCA / Mandiri must prepare "token".
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Well this list broke my heart
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