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I chose this panel because well look at it 2 iconic Superheros meeting for the first time Spider-man and Superman on one page?! Well anyways the real reason I decided to pick this panel is because this was one of the first comics my dad gave to me so you could say i have a sentimental connection to it haha another reason is because if you're more linear to marvel then DC like I am, having Spider-man beating up Superman makes any DC fan mad especially since Superman is a GOD basically. But I really love seeing them in the ending to come together and beat up Lex Luther and Doc Oct.
Just so beautiful :)
@JeanPaulGaleano this is great! I like your choice!
@buddyesd @AimeeH @amogbigbang @caitlind9898 @jcl4rks0n @DanRodriguez here's another awesome challenge response :D
@shannonl5 @JeanPaulGaleano @AimeeH i read this one :) it was one of my favorites too
I love this! You picked such a great panel. And it's really cool to know how much it means to you. It's always really special when someone you care about shares their passion with you. I wish my dad was into comics haha. It's usually the other way around, I'm the one handing them to him. Great card ^_^
Also a huge thank you to @Shannonl5 for recommending the challenge to me.