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{QQ Challenge} What Is Your Favorite Game?

Hey gamers! Yesterday's Quick Question challenge went well! We all got a sense of where everyone started out in their gaming careers. An interesting mix of old school and new school stuff, so that was cool.
Anyway, let's follow up on that energy we built up yesterday!
Todays question:

What is your favorite game of all time?

This could be the game you play over and over again, or the game that's meant the most to you. There are no wrong answers with favorites!
Mine has to be Shadow of the Colossus. It was just a major work of art to me - everything from the gameplay mechanics to the environment was flawless!

I could play this game every day til I die. Every. Day.

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can't choose ......its like a slideshow lol
I cannot choose's simply impossible :/
Final Fantasy IX!!! 😀 IX was not only the first game in the franchise that I ever played, but it was my first experience with anything other than a Gameboy! As I grew up, I found myself really identifying with Dagger's (Princess Garnet) character. I was a shy, quiet, and overly-serious person, yet very determined to achieve my goals. It wasn't until I was around 19 that I finally "came into my own," so to speak. I am now a college professor at 24 years old, so I have come a long way! Also, the chamber-music inspired score is to die for. Uematsu is truly a master video game composer.
@Karthikkrazzy1 I might have to take that route, too. Lol
@VinMcCarthy Good choice, my friend! I will have to think about this one a minute. How do I choose?! You evil man.
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