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Okay, I get it, you don't like video games. You dislike the violence and the guns and the fighting and the whatever else you don't like. But listen, there are games out there that aren't all: Bang, bang, baby. Shoot stuff. Do white-boy things. Huzzah.
So I've compiled a short list of some games that are the complete opposite of that. Two of them are heavy hitters while one of them is, well, uh, you'll see.

Gone Home

Gone Home by Fullbright is one of the best experiences you could possibly have with a video game. Fullbright describes the game as "A Story Exploration Game". If you haven't played any video games in your life, you might have some trouble getting accustomed to the controls but the best part about this is that there isn't any rush to learn them. There aren't any "bad guys", just you, the house you grew up in, and a secret about the family.
So if you're interested in experiencing a game instead of just "playing" one, you should definitely try Gone Home. Check out the trailer above and you can visit their website here.

Dear Esther

Dear Esther falls in the same category as Gone Home but with one significant difference. In Gone Home a lot of the story is found out through interacting with objects and looking through different rooms in the house while Dear Esther is strictly an exploration game.
Honestly, I haven't played this game yet (I definitely plan on it) but I've heard nothing but good things about it. It seems like a very intense and a very heavy story, so don't dive into this one if you're looking for something a little lighter, you should probably, maybe check out the next game instead. I put the trailer above and you can find more info about the game here.

Catlateral Damage

Okay, so you finished Gone Home and you cried a bit. Then you finished Dear Esther and felt even more "cry a bit" emotions. You're probably feeling a little drained. Then comes Catlateral Damage, a game where you play a cat and your main objective is to knock over everything in your owner's apartment.
And that's it. That's litter-ally it (heh). You can check out the "Infomercial" for the game above where you can learn stuff about the game like how it has over 20 cats you can play as. Or maybe you could destroy a T-Rex exhibit in a museum. If you're interested in buying the game, you can check the site here.
I see. well thanks anyway @paulisaverage I'm loving the new Metal Gear game. been at it for 6 hours
@paulisaverage, you totally should play dear esther. It's not really a 'game' per se, but it really is a great interactive experience.
@marshalledgar you better be careful with Metal Gear, it'll take your life away. conservative estimates say you could invest 100 hours and still not be done. but if you need some indie game recs, I have a couple i'm waiting to see on PS4 over in my video games collection!
@marshalledgar unfortunately these are all PC games, I'm unsure if they're getting any console releases though. what kinds of games are you into? i'll be sure to make another card about indie games strictly for PS3 and PS4!
only thing I'm missing is a 90 inch television
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