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[30 Days with VIXX] What I Like About Each Member

VIXX is nothing without any single one of the members.

They need to be six to be VIXX (I'm a poet, what can I say) and I love and appreciate each and every one of them!


I love that when you look him up on Google images you get this:


I love how even though he acts all tough and cool, he is really caring towards his members. He's a total softy, a cry baby, and is so proud to be a member of VIXX.
He's also a rad composer and lyricist which is so awesome!


Hongbin is such a dork. I get that he's supposed to be the visual of the group, but he's just SO dorky! His jokes are awkward and he's cringe-worthy and I get second-hand embarrassment from him at all times.
Also, he's way nervous when meeting fans - still! There are so many fan accounts and pictures of his signature from fan signs being all shaky and illegible cause he shakes so much from his nerves haha


Hyuk is my son and is a little ray of sunshine but has learned much sass from his father Hakyeon. He is cuddly and cute and so sweet to his other members (while playing tons of pranks on them of course) and his singing has improved soooo much.
He's just a really great person OKAY?!


I like this idiot a lot. He acts super unimpressed and cool and quiet and calm but he's a total cuddly giggly hungry baby and he's Hakyeon's BFF so that means he's practically my BFF.


Besides the fact that he's so energetic and happy and nice and funny, he's also really really dedicated to his craft. His singing is amazing and he was actually born to be a singer. I'm really excited to see how he improves as an artist :3


I could write a novel about the things I love about Hakyeon, but let's just say that he is an incredible leader that always, always puts his other members first and is genuinely so proud when they have individual success. He's my favorite favorite and I love him to death.
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