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Obama recently took a trip to Alaska and participated in a traditional Alaskan dance. And besides the weird faces he makes...he did some really great dancing. The kind of dancing that your father might do to embarrass you. But hey, he works it.
Add this to a large collection of Obama getting super jiggy with it.

And you got a pretty rad Friday day.

You got some the half-Carlton move.

I call this one...penguin dancing.

Put yo hands in the Ayer. Prez.

The grooving in the chair move.

Can’t forget the lovely and fabulous Michelle. Who also has some smooth moves!

What’s your fav Obama dancing gif?

And Happy Friday Vinglers! Have a great weekend and remember to get out there and move like you are the POTUS with the mostest.

Hahahaha Oh yeah @CreeTheOtaku that’s when I start doing a happy dance too! it’s my favorite time of the year!
the happy penguin
I do that when Christmas is around the corner
have you seen the happy penguin friday dance? @CreeTheOtaku?!