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Noah Linares is from La Habana, Cuba and he is sleeping outside of The Dodgers stadium.
He's waiting for the chance to try out for the team.
Linares has been playing baseball since he was 8 years old. He's determined to get a chance with The Dodgers. For about three weeks, he has been sleeping on the streets. He is doing this for as long as it takes until he's given a chance to prove he has what it takes.
'If I didn't know how great a baseball player I know I am, I wouldn't be here trying to show off my skills to somebody." (ABC7)
His determination is admirable.
Although he has been sleeping on the street outside of the stadium, he is still keeping up with his workout regime. He's keeping active with bodyweight workouts. Also, people have helped him by offering food and water.

"My Name is Loah Linares and I am Waiting For The Dodgers"

I'm cheering for you Loah Linares -- now kick butt!
wow now that is dedication, hope they see how eager and amazing he is :)
@alywoah what a shame...just give the guy a chance to try out! and yes...please tag me if you get any updates!
Get it Loah Linares!!!!! I'm rooting for you to make it!!! Just don't screw up, teehee
Unfortunately there hasn't been any updates. I have a bad feeling that they probably won't even let him try out. :-/ ...But I will definitely update this card when I find out more. @mchlyang
@alywoah do you have any updates on whether the dodgers gave him a chance to try out for the team???
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