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I've been wanting to try out the dance workout craze for a while, and I think I've found the perfect introductory video!

Dance a Go Go's Latin Groove workout will put you in touch with your sexy side AND tone your abs, all while you get down like you're up in the club.

This hot Latin-inspired dance workout targets your abs, while toning thighs, arms, and hips. The moves are pretty easy to follow along with; they break them down for you after showing the full routine. I also broke them down below so you can prepare before watching. Watch the dancers do it, then follow along and feel the burn!

1. Head Swing

Bend at the waist and swing your hips around, leading with your head. Pop up at the end of the motion, then raise your arm and pump.

2. Waist Exercise

Next, flexing at the waist, swing your arms, reaching one arm to the side while bringing your opposite elbow up. Repeat, switching arms and bending in opposite direction.

3. Afro Shake

Turn to the side and rock out with your whole body, popping out your chest while popping your butt.

4. Shimmy

Finally, finish off with a sexy shimmy!
Do you like dance workouts? Have any great ones to share? I'd love to hear about it! :)
Totally @KDramaKPop1015, I want to do more of these cards, so I'll definitely let you know :) @shantalcamara Right??? It seems like such a fun way to work out :) and it helps you get better at dancing!! (which is something i totally need help with lol)
I'll have to try this out! Looks like a more manageable way to work out. Thanks for posting this! If you have any more I'd love to see what else you find as an effective workout.
Wow. could be my thing
@allischaaff u got at me dancing