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I was always a gamer and a sucker for Care Bears! Lol, these are all before the transplant! What an 8 year wait!
I love my Joker (Heath) and the nightmare before Christmas!
#gamer! But I can be sweet!
1 month post kidney transplant! . Me and one of my comic book men! Wade you make me wanna! (read deadpool more deadpool comics or buy deadpool 360)
@lavonyork I'm looking forward to the craziness! I'll tag you in my video game posts!
I second @alywoah's opinions on this! I hope you have a speedy recovery with lots of deadpool and videogames!
Thank you guys, I also happened to tear a muscle in my thigh so me and this site with a few others are going to get some quality time from me lol. I will drive you guys crazy with my randomness some how lol!
I am glad Vingle has been there for you! I hope you have a speedy recovery!!! ^_^
@vinmccarty I will totally enjoy that!