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Day 4: What Do You Like About Each Member?
Here we go! Time to get cheesy about every member. I'm gonna try to keep this card short because I'm a little busy today :)


Amazing leader. Great friend. Fantastic dancer. Good choreographer. Always looking out for others. Always confident in himself. Makes a super cute N-mi. Makes the group feel complete! Also, loves his nieces & nephews!



Hilarious guy. Amazing singer whose voice is kind of out of this world. Knows how to sing in a way that makes everyone's voices shine. Cute & sexy all at once. Great guy!!


Incredibly, incredibly, INCREDIBLY talented at writing and composing. Works harder than he has to. Loves his sister so much (awww). Loves his members. Can't stop calling Jaehwan cute. A great dancer, a great friend. Always confident in himself and in VIXX.



Hard working. Mischievous, but good to his hyungs. Growing up WELL. Really well. Reliable. Starting his solo activities with acting and making us all proud! Absolutely hilarious at playing pranks on everyone. Well spoken. Good at languages.
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Oh my lord those photos of N!!! He is always looking out for his members, that is so true. Love your card!
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