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1. Her favorite food is caramel-covered popcorn.
2. May's mother is still really unhappy that she joined S.H.I.E.L.D. but not unhappy enough that they don't have a standing appointment to go to a Mahler concert every four months.
3. She secretly loves dogs but moves around too much to have one of your own.
4. Yoga is definitely relaxing, but nothing beats a long, quiet bath.
5. She reads romance novels. And scoffs at them. And enjoys them anyway.
6. May trained with Coulson and totally kicked his butt several times.
7. If you're smart, you fear her.
8. When she was taking time off from S.H.I.E.L.D. she was the scary piano teacher that was legendary for turning kids into superstars (she was secretly very encouraging).
9. Her birthday is confidential information. Not even Coulson knows.
10. The pilot picks the music. That's why she's always the pilot.
Omg YAS!!! This is just awesome I love you!!!!
Haha, number 5 is my favorite! <3
I do like this very much. my favorite character's Skye.
@SerenaMcG Yay!!! ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed!
@SierraWilson16 oooh awesome! Do you have any headcanons for Skye? @BabyCakes00 ^_^ me too