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The first trailer for the BBC TV Movie Gamechangers was released fairly recently and Daniel Radcliffe stars as Rockstar Games co-founder Sam Houser. Back in the early 2000s before Grand Theft Auto became somewhat of a household name, there was a ton of controversy surrounding the violent nature of the game.
I'm really interested in the way this TV movie will turn out but it looks like it's receiving some push-back from Rockstar Games itself. Rockstar is apparently suing the BBC for trademark infringement, so it seems like we may not be able to see it in the States.
Either way though, It really looks like an interesting take on one of the biggest controversies in video game history. I left the trailer below and even though it's a little over 30 seconds in length, I still found it pretty engaging.
Woah! Danielle Radcliffe actually looks badass. This seems like a really different role for him. I’m excited to see this!
Lol @nicolejb and yeah seconding that @ButterflyBlu I *love* Daniel Radcliffe, I think he's an amazing actor. I bet he'll do a great job with the role ^_^
...also, awkwardly realizing that his name was autocorrected from Daniel to Danielle...
I hope it makes its way to us. I'd really like to see their interpretation of events. Good cast, too!
Hahaha and now he really has a big beard @shannonl5! And I don’t think it’s fake...
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