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I believe that for every person, there's another person out there. Do you agree?
@marshalledgar lol yes of course thr can definitely be more then one person who will love for who you are I believe that too
I think you're right @TerrecaRiley. there are many times in our lives, and sometimes in love, when we have to choose between two options. i had a moment like that earlier this summer, in fact. But our choices and actions determine who we are, and I think i made the right choice :)
Sometimes you'll get to a point where you'll have options to choose from.I think everyone goes through this at least once in their lifetime
@sherrysahar yes I believe that as well. I think there's definitely multiple people out there for everyone :) I mean, probably thousands – the world is a big place! But in your own life, I'm not sure how many you actually meet. Probably several. But my point is, you just have to believe that there's AT LEAST one person out there for you, no matter who you are :)
I had to think about this before I replied. I like this a lot. But I am not so sure that I completely agree with it because part of me truly believes that there is more than 1 person. Then I start to think that I'm crazy because the true love that you speak of could not be mistaken for something less, which is what you could get from more than 1 person. So I am on the fence. What if the one person passes me by or I pass them by? So, i'm hoping there's more than 1 chance if there isn't more than 1 person.
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