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I made up this question and I can't even answer this! I have so many different "favorites" with VIXX stuff for so many different reasons.
But I think I have decided....

It's On and On!!

Not only was this the time when I made so many of my amazing Starlight friends (shout out to my 망치s), but it's when I felt VIXX really start to feel even more comfortable onstage.
Sure, they had already been great in Rock Ur Body and Superhero, but those felt very produced int the end, and even if On and On was produced, it felt ALIVE with the feeling that THIS IS VIXX. THIS IS THEM.

Plus, the dance was amazing.

Some of the stages were really creepy!

They had really fun hair colors!

They started getting popular in Korea during this period, so they got more interviews and air time.

I'm cringing so hard.

Not to mention the day the debuted the "Remix" version...I thought I was gonna die.

I know @kpopandkimchi LOVES this version, too.

Basically, On and On was just a great time!!

It really set the tone for who VIXX would be, and even when they went into lighter concepts after their darker ones, I could feel that they had really discovered what kind of a group they could be, and everything felt more natural from then on!!
this is also my favorite era cuz it was my first Vixx comeback lol ... and i love their hair styles
This is a great time! It was the first time we saw VIXX as VIXX. They settled into themselves and started to be comfortable.
@edwinb94 Their hair looks soooo good!I'm not sure how they pull off crazy colors so well but they do
@baileykayleen exactly!!! I love everything they've done but this is really special I think :)