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so i havent done this beacuse of what happen with my vingle......anyways well im gonna try to fit day 1 2 and 3 then later in the day ill post day 4
day 1 how did you meet vixx?? well the fabulous @StarBabes brought kpop in to my life so of course the bands she was gonna show me first were her bands which is of course vixx and block b hahaha my frist song was error and awwwwahhhhhh i loved it (@StarBabes your N haha)
day 2 who is your bias? my bias is ravi and leo i love them both awwwwwahhhhhh
but my main bias is Ravi....no....Leo....no......Ravi....no...ughhh i cant chose
day 3 who is your secret bias? my secret bias that no one knows is one of my bias.......not even my cousin my sister @StarBabes or @StephyBAP know this........my secret bias is....*drum roll*
its KEN!!!!!! i love ken awwwwaaahhh OOOTOKAJIIII
so thats the end of my card yeah i know its kinda short but i mashed day 3 things in one i promise i will make day 4 (today) even better :[] thank you for tagging me @kpopandkimchi and this is an awesome challange @byeolbit love you guys bye bye <3 :[]
yayyyy glad you like the challenge! Ken is a great secret bias too.nice to meet you!
@B1A4BTS5ever lol I know
@B1A4BTS5ever Yeah .... ..I can never choose between them it's too hard lo
awwwww I love them all
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