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DIY fabric flower rosettes are great for accessorizes for a variety of fashion items. You can pin them on a shirt or wear them on a headband — they are incredibly versatile for fashion accessorizing. This DIY tutorial comes from the creative lillyella.


For this project, you will need fabric, felt, cardstock, pins, scissors, iron, craft glue and a pencil. You can find all of these objects at a craft store.

Prepare the fabric

Cut the pieces of fabric into strips. Use the iron to iron the fabric so that it is folded in half (as shown in the picture. Cut the cardstock into strips that are about the same width as the folded fabric pieces.

Pin and iron the fabric

Pin the fabric to the end of a strip of cardstock. Then wrap the fabric all the way around the cardstock and pin at the end. Iron the fabric so that it lies flat against the cardstock.

Form the rosette

Once the fabric has cooled, unpin the fabric from the cardstock and slide the fabric off of the cardstock. Then take a pencil and wrap the fabric all the way around the pencil. Then, slide the fabric off from the pencil.

Attach the felt and fixtures

Use the fabric glue to attach felt to the back of the fabric rosettes. Then use any fixtures that you want and attach them to the back of the felt. If you want to create a fabric rosette hair pin, attach the rosettes to a bobby pin. If you want to make a rosette brooch, attach the fabric rosette to a pin. Fabric rosettes can also be great for home decorations. It's completely up to you!

Enjoy accessorizing with your DIY flower rosettes!