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I tried at least 3 to-do apps but I still wasn't meeting goals. I was stressed. Successful, sure, but disorganized. I knew I could do better at life, I just didn't know how.
Then, my cousin Chuck (@chuckfeerick) came to visit. He took out this "bullet journal" thing and gave me an impromptu tutorial. I thumbed through the versatile life organizer. "Looks complicated, but I should really give it a shot."
I started a week later. Took some discipline to learn the format, but that was the small step backward I needed to launch forward. Months passed, and I learned the curves of my journal. Certain bits weren't helping me and other facets needed tweaking to fit my freelance lifestyle. Be on the lookout for a tour of my bullet journal and its particulars.
Ryder Carroll (@rydercarroll) is the designer of the bullet journal. He's also the reason I'm not homeless (I was that disorganized). Check out his work here.
@nicolejb it definitely takes some discipline at the start. They say it takes 21 days to make something a habit (sounds legit), and the bullet journal is most effective when used habitually. I'll make sure to tag you on my next post. It's a tour of my journal; it should offer some tips that can help you get started!
Will do @allischaaff! I think it's pretty flexible--it's a "feeling it out" thing. Your journal will evolve over time and I'll definitely cover how that process worked for me. For instance: I'm always on the move. I used to carry a second notebook for writing and sketching. Then I realized, why not flip over my bullet journal and start writing notes from the back? Now I only need one notebook. I also implemented a six-month preview to get myself planning further in advance.
Could you tag me too, @nashtronaut? This is a very intriguing idea! I might start using it... I always have a lot of things to do flying around in my head, and to-do lists do seem to work well for me, but i like the idea of having a unified system. I also happen to be a graph paper addict and love writing things out by hand, so those aspects appeal to me as well. I wonder how flexible this is, though? Because I'm definitely a sub-lister, and a sub-sub-lister, and so on.. will you cover that a bit in your next card? Thanks for sharing this, dude :)
Hahaha yeah I’ve heard that too! I definitely don’t mind investing time in something that make me beat. And sounds good! I’m excited!
Interesting! I’m all about organization and order, so this is really helpful for me :) but at the same time...seems like it would be a bit of setting up to do