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They say less is more is the new trend.

Well, in some cases. When it comes to living a minimalist lifestyle, less is definitely more. If you find your closet being over capacity with clothes that you haven't taken a second look at since purchasing, it's time for you to do some much need spring [fall] cleaning. Minimalist is the way to go. You're able to express your personality and style without over doing it when it comes to your look.
You don't need to wear five different colors to stand out or seven different layers to make a statement. Keep it simple and people will notice your simple, yet classic sense of style. When it comes to keep things minimal, you don't need too many items --a few staple pieces will do. When shopping think of pieces that you can wear year round and can easily go from office to date night with a quick shoe change. If you're all for the minimalist fashion trend, but don't know where to start -- keep scrolling for a couple staple pieces you need to invest in to keep it minimal, yet stylish.

Crisp White Shirt

A simple white button down or even a deep cut v-neck is simple, yet sexy. This is an easy item of clothing that you can dress both up and down depending on the circumstances.

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Everyone loves a good pair of jeans, but boyfriend jeans always come in handy. The perfect pair of distressed boyfriend jeans pulls the entire look together. The more distressed the better. This adds a bit of edginess and a casual feel to the look.

The Blazer

What would the wardrobe be without a blazer? A black one at that. The contrast between the blazer over top of the crisp white shirt and distressed jeans screams stylish without being too over the top. You can swap out the blazer for an overcoat.

The Perfect Shoe

To complete this minimalist look, you must have the perfect shoe. Preferably a shoe that can easily transition from day to night. A minimalist sandal heel is always a great shoe, but if you're not into heels -- a stylish flat with a pop of color will do the trick.

If you're all for simple and sexy, you should definitely consider giving the minimal look a try.