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34 years old ain't never look better.

Can you believe it's been years since this beauty was in a girls group? Time literally flies. In recognition of Queen Bey-day [birthday], this card is a compilation of how fabulous she has looked over the years. I mean c'mon, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that she can do absolutely no wrong.
Her style and taste in fashion has evolved over the years and her fans cannot seem to get enough. Let's just hope and pray that when I turn thirty-four in another twenty years [just kidding], I will look half as good as our favorite former Destiny's Child member looks. Take some time out of your busy schedule and bask in the beauty of this beauty below with our favorite Beyonce looks over the years.
Not everyone seemed to be a fan of Beyonce's see thru bedazzled gown she wore to the 2015 Met Gala Ball, but let me be the first to say I thought she slayed. It was a hit or miss with this dress and when does Bey ever miss?
This two piece crop and midi was something a lot of Beyonce fans could easily see themselves wearing. It was more casual than her usual get up, but still the right amount of sexy. And let's not forget the amazing design.
As much as I loved Beyonce's Met Gala dress, she definitely looked absolutely stunning in this gorgeous see thru white dress with a train she wore to the 2015 Grammy Awards. It's obvious she has a thing for see thru and I can't even be mad. She effortlessly does every look justice.
One word: LIT. This blonde bob was all that. Definitely one of her best looks.
The bomb wavy tresses and her body in this short jumpsuit was beautiful. Not everyone could pull off this look, but it seems like she rocked it gracefully and still looked super sexy while performing.
Seeing Beyonce wear everyday clothes, goes to show that she is so much more than a famous celebrity. As simple as this outfit is, because Bey was wearing it -- she made it look all the more fly. Who doesn't love denim on denim with a splash of tartan print. Bey did that.

Talk about Beyonce appreciation.

You have two choices: turn on some Beyonce or go shopping.
Happy 34th Birthday Beyonce!
of course blonde looks good on swift, I won't disagree with that. but I also think that the blonde hair compliments Beyonce's complexion perfectly -- but that's just me @Safaa12 thanks for explaining.
I love how blonde suits black girls , I am not black, but most my friends are and it suits them amazing
haha i think she rocks blond better than most girls I know! Oh, and add me to that list. I'm black and wear blonde, and it suits me well ;) ;)
to each their own. @Safaa12
I'm all for blonde hair!!! I think it looks amazing on any complexion. @alywoah @PurpleChick