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September is Sapphire month. However, I'm just not feeling a lot of heavy, dark blues...not yet, anyway. I am feeling a lot of texture with bits and pops of color, though mostly neutral whites and silvers--things that reflect and bend light.
Recently I shared four stunning gowns and a runway show for Inbal Dror, which you can see here. So many of your reactions on Vingle were like mine that I wanted to showcase one of my absolute favorites from the 2015 collection for this card. To round out the look I chose a stunning blue House of Emmanuele cuff that sums up my vision for September brides. And I won't tell you how long it took me to find the perfect pair of shoes for this dress. Stuart Weitzman didn't even make it in the top 5, and you all know how much I adore that brand. For makeup, not every trend works with every skin type, which is why I wanted to skip the trends and stick to a classic must: mascara. Keep reading to see why this one was voted Best for 2105!
Inbal Dror
2015 Venice Collection
(Priced upon request only)
Open back and lace, this Inbal Dror wedding gown is absolutely perfect! I love the sheer sleeves and buttons. The trumpet style, form-fitted gown features derriere ruching and elevated shoulders. The full coverage front is made of sheer and intricate lace detailing. I can't get enough of this dress. In fact, the whole collection is nothing less than stunning. To see even more Dror gowns from the Venice Collection, click here!
House of Emmanuele
Santorini Dynasty Cuff
Swarovski crystal embellished cuff in metallic blue, mint, turquoise, rose gold, montana and silver shade crystal color tones. Silver plated. If you're not familiar with the grandiose of designed accessories, click here to see more Emmanuele beauty.
House of Borgezie, Christopher Shellis
Borgezie Platinum Cleopatra Stiletto
$107,000 Pure Platinum
$91,000 Pure Gold
Looking for something old to fulfill bridal tradition, this 2013-designed heel took four years to create and a whopping 3,215 degrees to smelt pure platinum (and gold), depending on which precious metal shoe you go with. No doubt, the hefty price tag is more than enough to cover the 1000-year guarantee. Borgezie is spelled out across the back of the ankle and couldn't possibly look more stunning!
Photoready 3D Volume Mascara
Revlon's Photoready 3D Volume Mascara made the list for Best Mascaras of 2015. While Giorgio Armani's Eyes To Kill Excess was voted first, I wanted to choose a mascara that anyone could find anywhere without having to order online only or make a jaunt to the name brand beauty counters. Many online reviews say almost the same thing, "I have a great deal more length and volume. My lashes remain pliable -- not crunchy -- and there are no clumps or smudges."
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@Safaa12 that's what I thought too! The first thing that popped into my head was cinderella.
Don't trip, right? @Safaa12
I like makeup too @BluBear07 but I don't know all the trends or techniques. I just sorta know enough to be dangerous and know what I like
yes! @Safaa12 they really do. could you imagine owning and wearing shoes that cost $100,000?
I think we could too! Though I confess I am not very fashion forward. I don't follow trends or keep up with the latest runway shows. I'm more interested in the makeup side of things. ^_^ @marshalledgar
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