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We love you big bang, derp and all. That is why me and my friends are putting so much effort into making a poster and derp heads so you guys can maybe see us.
I cant wait!!! 4 more weeks. For those going to the concert in Las Vegas this countdown is for you. Ive been waiting and waiting for this day to come and now its almost here. We are busy working hard on our poster and Derp heads, so I'll keep you guys posted on our process with that.
My outfit for the concert. Im going all out. Duh VIP Forever!!!
Well I have work to do still. I hope I can make friends on here so I can meet you at the concert. Us kpoppers need to stick together!!

馃憢 鞎堧厱!!!!

@JuggaletteJenna lol i kind am too... i cant remember if you can or not. but yeah i do. ill do that! 馃檶馃槅馃槉
@JuggaletteJenna totally dude. we all nees to stick together! you can message on vingle right? lol
I'm going to the Vegas show! JUST WAIT until you see what I'm wearing! I'm traveling from Michigan and my two girlfriends are driving from Texas! Let's be kpop friends! ^_^
@KaceyDodge. These are the posters me amd my friends are making haha.
@DeannaWalker I'm not sure! I'm kind of new to this lol do you have facebook? Add me! Jenna Catallo
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