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hello vingle family.........i was thinking of something but i dont know if we should do this or not i need your opinion *evil smirks*
so i was in school (well im in school right now) and they let us use our devices so of course i got on to vingle where i stumbled upon a card
this card is made by @jgallegos222 (http://www.vingle.net/posts/1038248?shsrc=v) its a card on her ultimate bias and why she loves him so when i saw (and after commenting) this i was like hey *lightbulb lights up* i have an idea :[]..........dont be scared my ideas arent that bad....*looks of at the distance*.....ohhh...wait.....no your good nothing to be afriad of
So here is my idea.....what if we have.......*drum roll*.......
AN ULTIMATE BIAS DAY!!!!!!! huh huh what you think......its a day where you get to post a card only about your ultimate bias and explain why you love them what you would do if you meet them what made you fall for them and put him or she on top of the list.......you get me
this day will be every friday.......no......every......no next week on.....no.......i dont know....this why i need your help to plan when should we start this day and should it be one day of the month? and one day of the week? one day of the year? i dont know i need your help *starts singing* i need you girl wae....okay sorry
so what do you guys say you in or your out??....is it a good or bad idea???......should we start it or not?? if we do start this make sure to tag me in the cards you post cause i have made a collection of it :[]
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omg that sounds like so much fun but so scary! I agree with every too! Saturday sounds good...I'm feeling so conflicted already.
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That's a great idea, I'm all for it.
2 years ago·Reply
tag me when it starts!
2 years ago·Reply
@DenieceSuit okay sure.......*cough cough* or you can follow the collection *cough cough*
2 years ago·Reply
sorry>< just got off work haven't completely come to my senses.
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