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A new app has been released a few days ago and tens of thousands of people world wide have downloaded it. The Companion app, which was created by 5 University of Michigan students, has erupted from a campus safety app to a world wide personal safety app for men and women! The Companion app lets you send a push notification to several contacts so that they can virtually watch you walk home, to the library, or to a friends house so that you are not "alone". And honestly, its pretty brilliant!

Here's how it works:

- Send a request to different contacts to ensure someone is at their phone and will respond. - The friend/family member will receive a text with a link. - They click the link and are taken to a interactive map which allows them to watch the user walk to where they are going.

Now here is the coolest part:

- If the user strays from their path, falls, is pushed, or even has their head phones ripped out the app detects these movements and sends an alert asking the users are Ok. - If they don't (or can't) push the button in 15 seconds the app becomes an alarm system, sending out high pitched nosies to scare the attacker and alert other people to the scene. - The app will also send an alert to the companion with the users location so they can call 911. Check out the video of it below!
Told you it was awesome. And it gets even better. This app is completely free AND the companion doesn't even have to download the app to be able to access the interactive map to help the user get from point A to point B safely, which means these students are genuinely trying to make the world a safer place. Even more, this app crosses all demographics as men and women of all ages are downloading and using Companion. Parents use it with their children, the elderly can use it for some more freedom, and college kids across the world are using it just to feel safer on campuses that unfortunately have a 1 in 5 rape statistic. So rock on creative Millennials! It is unfortunate that this even needs to exist but you have taken a terrible issue and figured out a smart, productive, and cost effective way to try and fix it!! So hats off to you, I am downloading it as I post this.
I think you could do family or relatives would totally be willing to help too @renheerei!
Oh,yes! I definitely love this
Its always awesome to see technology put to a smart use
this is such a good idea. but what if you dont have any friends? lmfao or want to bother them?
This is so interesting @LizArnone! I wonder if there are enough people to use and understand the app. I could see this being really helpful on college campuses especially for peace of mind.
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