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Fall is all about being flawless.

With every new season comes a new makeup trend or ten of them. If you're in to trends than I suggest you listen up. The summer is about to disappear for a few months and that means more time to try your hand at some amazing beauty trends before it rolls back around next year.
The fall is all about the weather cooling down and your makeup getting hotter. You want to break necks this season [in a good way], but in order to do that you must first get on board with the trends that will be the talk of the town. Editors over at took it upon themselves to ask none other than the lead makeup artists of Burberry, Wendy Rowe, some of this fall's most popular makeup trends. If I were you I would keep on scrolling, let's just say you're in for a treat and a sweet beat.

Candlelight skin is the new dewy.

This fall the no makeup, makeup trend is still reigning in the world of beauty. Instead of covering your entire face in foundation, spot conceal the areas where concealer is needed [breakout prone areas] using a high pigmented concealer.

Brown is the new black.

We all love a good smokey eye, but this season we are swapping out the blacks for browns. To ensure that your smokey eye is smoked out to perfection, try using a contour stick and smudge it out with your finger to complete the look.

Nude meets black.

Nude lips and smokey black eyes will forever be the perfect combination. Choose a nude color that is one shade lighter than your typical nude lip and for the perfect black liner, use a black gel liner on your lash line and blend to perfection with an eyeshadow brush. This is what we would call 'soft edgy'. I think this look will be getting a lot of play this fall.

The thicker the brow the better.

Thick, bold brows aren't going anywhere anytime soon. To create a realistic brow, Rowe suggests that you draw the hairs in instead of literally coloring in your brows.

Which trend will be getting all of your attention this fall?

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JLaw can do no wrong. She always looks great in blacks, golds and warm colors in general. Lover her effortless face and dramatic eyes. Classy!
I agree she's gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of Cara Delevingne as well :) @marshalledgar