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Well would have to say my all time favorite video game is Kingdom Hearts. Even though I love Assassins Creed, and Call of Duty so much. Kingdom Hearts has always had a special place in my heart.
I remember first playing Kingdom Hearts on PS2, which I treasures. After my mother sold it behind my back I've held a grudge. Once I'm able to find another PS2 at a decent price w/ the games. I will be eternally happy 馃槉
In general the video game has a awesome story line. It's a kinda a cross over of Final Fantasy, and Disney. So basically that just tells you it's awesome. If you haven't played it you should check it out :)
@caitlind9898 maybe a christmas present? XD
Yeah I gotta get a PS3, and I begged my parents for KH2.5 but I never got it. Hopefully I'll get it this year. Thanks @VinMcCarthy
awesome stuff! I loved Kingdom Hearts so much. I totally agree with the sentiment here! You know, the re-released these games in HD versions on the PS3 if you have one of those! i actually wrote a card about re-playing KH2 a while back -
Yeah, i understand you @Goyo. My mom said she would by me the second one when I was younger only if I got an A on my test that week. You can bet I studied my hardest to get that A :)
@caitlind9898 this was the most amazing game. i dont know if it was bc i love Disney (at least the characters) or bc I loved the idea of goofy as a sidekick, but this game was one of the few games I begged my parents to get me
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