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Or slightly crazy
With Male leads who are to cute for there own good
The Female leads you are jealous of.. But your still rooting for
And if they expressed their emotions without hesitation we wouldn't be on the verge of pulling our hair out
The kiss we wait for and darn near die when we see it
But in the end we love the characters and the show so much we watch it over and over and react as if its our first time
one for the road
I'll add one more thing, when you're rooting for the second male lead even though you know he'll never had the chance of winning the female lead's heart. Normally they're too kind and always be there for the female lead whenever she's in trouble.
@nssagasshi yet the 2nd lead never gets the girl no matter how much they do for her n we fans can't help but have 2nd lead syndrome hehe😉
@kpopis4life Yesss you're right. 2nd lead syndrome it is. Nearly the end we all being sulky for a while while watching the wedding ceremony or sweet intimate moments between the male and female leads because we think 2nd male lead deserves her better. Lol.
on some kiss scene U've been waiting for and it's about to happen then later someone interrupt
@kpopandkimchi *flips hair* my point was there after I'd done watching School 2015 (Who Are You). Hahaha.
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