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Not the biggest fan of the Jimmy Kimmel show overall, but his bit "Pedestrian Questions" makes the show worth watching for sure. For those who don't know about the game, Kimmel approaches unsuspecting folks on Hollywood Boulevard are asked silly questions on camera.
Apparently, a large portion of Republicans think Obama is a Muslim on the low. This prompted Kimmel to conduct his own poll with fans of the street. The answers from some of the participants were pretty far out there.
One of things that make the segment go is that Kimmel pauses before the fan answers to question to get a reaction from his live studio audience. It's apparent that people are still judging the book by its cover, because the fans are almost always off.
On of the weirdest replies came from a lady named Lisa from Inglewood, California. When asked is Obama was a Muslim, Lisa replied (with confidence, mind you) "He's a Christian-Muslim."
Okay, Lisa.. Okay. Thank you for your contribution to the show. Def the first time I heard that one before.
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The best part about Lisa is how she pronounces the word Muslim. She's like a stereotypical mom lol.