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KOREABOO: Units/Subunits ranked by Netizens
http://www.koreaboo.com/netizens/netizens-rank-favorite-project-units-subunits/ 1. TaeTiSeo 2. IU & Seulong 3. Homme 4. Orange Caramel 5. Women's Generation 6. 2Yoon 7. SISTAR19 8. INFINITE H 9. ToHeart
10. Troublemaker 11. Bastarz 12. GD & TOP
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My two favorites are last on the list?! :P We should demand a recount, @BlockBVillains.
@ButterflyBlu haha when i saw the article title i was like Bastarz better be on that list or all hell will break loose xD I'm just happy they were in the ranks~