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Soooo guess what today is......*random person in the back* septmber the 4.....Me: No...well yes but no ITS BARO'S BIRTHDAY.....in korea tho tomorrow is his birthday here in the U.S. since its on the fifth but anyways.........YAY!!!! BAROOOO MY LOVE TO DAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY
awwww your growing up my baby.......baro is my second ultimate bias hes next to V
happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear baroooooo happy birthday to you!!!! yay barooooo!!
so today and tomorrow its baro day all about *does baros voice* BARO BARO BARO (if you dont get this refrence its in there hello baby episode) so today and tomorrow lets show lots of love to him cause as baros says hes the king....yes you are baro awwwahhhh
let see what are we gonna do for your birthday my love...hmmmm
awwahhh hes so adorable i just want to hug him and kiss him and squish his cheeks and ughhhh baroooooo oppa!!!!! ......sorry i got distracted
anyways lets see for a fact we are gonna party and go crazy
and eat of course hahahah hopefully sanduel shares hahaha xD
and after everything we will give him his cake and his presants awwwwwahhhhh look at his face it so adorable (credit to @heidichiesa how owns these pictures)
well i guess that it for now cause i got to get to class but hey dont be sad im not done here
tomorrow im try to post another baro birthday card.....awwwwwahhhh baro happy birthday
bye bye....love you baby.......love you baro oppa <3 :[]
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Happy birthday oppa! ❤
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Happy Birthdayyyyyyyy ❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕😘😘😘😍😍 i love u sooo much 🙈😻😻💋💞💞
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Baro really is a precious little baby. Omg x3
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happy birthday to our lovely Baro ♡♡♡ I wish him the best on his special day
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