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Uncle Snoop isn't happy with the NFL at the moment, and took to Instagram last night to voice his opinion on number issues in the league.

One of the hot button topics discussed by Snoop Dogg was the Tom Brady "Deflategate" case. Snoop went at the Patriots with relentess aggression after a judge ruled in Tom Brady’s favor, stating that he would not be suspended for any games this season.
Snoop Dogg, who claims to be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, went to Instagram and said the new ruling on the case was "bullshit."
Snoop wonders why Brady, who was accused of cheating in the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts, gets off while players who have been suspended for weed-related drug offenses and/or failed drug tests remain suspended.
Snoop went onto say "You might as well overturn all the homies who got weed cases.”

Does Snoop Dogg have a point here on numerous levels? Is the leagues suspension over weed fair with the laws changing at a rapid pace in America? Is the removal of the suspension against Tom Brady good for the game?

You decide.
Fo' shizzle Snoop is right
I hope someone ends CryBrady's career this year.
of course snoop dog would not be okay with players being suspended for smoking weed!
I think Brady got off way to easy!! He was caught CHEATING yet failed drug tests get more punishment. I mean smoking weed would more then likely have a negotiate effect on their ability to play haha although I do think that they should be in trouble for failed drug tests too! They get paid millions of dollars a year just to play a sport I think the least they can do is not smoke weed during season.
snopp dogg go smoke you are marijuana cuz ur loser